The most important part of any campground may be the quality put into their campsites. Here at Hermit Island, there is no lack of quality. The only problem may be which campsite to get. So when it’s midnight and all you can think about is going to bed due to the excessive amount of bugs, then you want to be sure you picked the right campsite. The campsites are classified into four groups: ocean prime, prime, choice, and value. All sites come with a fire ring for campfires, a picnic table, and one parking space for one car. The reason for the grouping is due to location of the campsites. Here is a description for each group, as well as a list of all the campsites on the island.


Campsites by Road:

Here is the place to find out about individual campsites. Each campsite listed comes complete with a description, trailer information, and a picture or two. Campsites are sorted by road addresses, so simply click the road the campsite is on and then the number of the campsite. Road descriptions for each are located in the Road Listings section of the website. (links to

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Ocean Prime: The ocean prime sites are the best sites on the island, but have the highest rates per night. All ocean prime sites are either right on the beach with private beach access or have extraordinary views overlooking Casco Bay. If you will pay the rate, then these are easily the best sites on the island. Even so they book extremely fast, so reserve early. These sites are easily the best campsites on the New England coast, as the campsite this close to the beach or with these great views are the best you can find. Recommended site areas include Cross Island, West Dune Way, or Ocean Sweep.

                                Sunday–Thursday                    Friday–Saturday
         Ocean Prime                        $53.00                                                   $56.00                                

Prime: The prime sites are some of the best campsites on the island. Most of them are close to the island beaches, so they are great for families who are looking to relax by the beach. This includes being located in the dunes and within walking distance to the beach, plus having partial ocean views. Another great site amenity is that some even have private beach access. These sites also book fast, so reserve your site early. Great site areas include Dune Way, West Dune Way, or Lee Side Way.

                                 Sunday-Thursday                     Friday-Saturday
         Prime                                   $47.00                                                    $50.00

Choice: The choice sites are a group of mostly wooded sites. One advantage is that they are located in the island forest, yet still have some sun and a large amount of privacy as well. Plus, a lot of the choice sites are located right on Small Point Harbor so these sites have direct ocean frontage, making them great for boating or fishing. All of the choice sites are peaceful and serine, as they are located in the quiet woods of the island. The best site areas include Boxhaul, East Track Way, or Skysail. 

                                       Sunday-Thursday                            Friday-Saturday
         Choice                               $37.00                                                       $40.00

Value: The value campsites are the most wooded of the campsites, but also have the lowest rate. Located deep in the woods of Hermit Island, these sites feature plenty of shade and privacy. Being in the woods, they are very peaceful and quiet. If you are looking for a low cost site that is private and quiet, then the value sites are great. Plus, most of the sites are within walking distance to the hiking trail system. The best site areas include Luff Lane, Skysail, or Harbor Grove.

                                         Sunday-Thursday                     Friday-Saturday
         Value                                  $34.00                                                      $37.00

Off Season:     Sunday-Thursday: $32.00   Friday-Saturday: $32.00

     (contact the island for policies and details about off season camping)