Another important part of any campground may be the quality of the facilities, but mainly the cleanness of them. The facilities here at “the island” are extremely basic, but are always kept in good shape. Bathrooms and shower areas are cleaned regularly to keep them working, and the main buildings, such as the store and Kelp Shed, are both clean and also convenient. Here are the facilities offered to all guests.

Main Buildings:

The main buildings on the island are the more used buildings such as the Kelp Shed or the gift shop. Even so, all are available to island guests. Here they are…

The Kelp Shed: The Kelp Shed is the main service center for the island. This is the first building you come to as it is the place to check in. Inside, there is also a game room and snack bar. The game room has billiards and other video games while the snack bar serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner (open in-season only). You can also find out and sign up for island activities or, if it is rainy outside, you could stop in and play some board games or read to pass the time (games and books provided at the desk). There is also a volleyball court outside. The Kelp Shed is located at the beginning of Lee Side Way, on the side of the main parking lot before entering the island. Kelp Shed: (9 a.m. to 10 p.m.) Snack Bar: (11:30 a.m. to 9:30 p.m.)

The General Store: The general store is just a regular grocery store which also sells firewood, charcoal, and other camp accessories. Food items include regular grocery store items such as chips, butter, hamburgers, drinks, ice-cream, candy, buns, crackers, pancake batter, freshly brewed coffee and other items. They also sell fresh seafood which is caught daily off the coast of the island. The store is located at the beginning of Lee Side Way, across the parking lot from the Kelp Shed. Prices can be high, but it is a huge convenience since the nearest store is another 20 minutes back into Bath. (Sun-Thurs: 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. Fri-Sat: 8 a.m. to 10 p.m.)

The Gift Shop: The gift shop is a great place to buy official Hermit Island souvenirs to remind you of your trip. Souvenirs include t-shirts, postcards, magnets, or even starfish. The gift shop is located near the beginning of Lee Side Way, right up the hill from the general store, and has very weird hours. These include morning and later, but if they are closed, some postcards are probably available in the general store. Underneath the gift shop is a laundry room (dryers only) and is normally open. (10 a.m. to 1 p.m. and 5 p.m. to 8 p.m.)  207-389-2769

Above: The store, the island's grocery store, sells groceries, beer, wine, firewood, camping and beach supplies, fresh lobsters, and clams.


Bathroom Facilities:

The bathroom facilities on the island are clean yet basic. When you’re on an island in the middle of Maine, be thankful that there even is a toilet. Bathroom facilities include the toilets and showers, which are scattered around. All of the bathrooms are situated so that they are convenient to all island campsites.

Flush Toilets: When staying on the island, these are the cleanest bathrooms there are; the only ones with a regular toilet. Flush bathrooms normally have showers and are normally in high site areas. Flush bathrooms have both mirrors and outlets for your convenience plus a wash sink. Soap is normally provided, but it may help to bring Purell. Flush bathroom locations: three on Island Road, one on Dune Way, and one on West Dune Way. It may help to avoid the ones on Island Road, because these tend to be the most crowded. Handicapped bathrooms are located at the northern most flush toilet facility on Island Road.

Above: The second/middle flush toilet on Island Road is also one of the cleanest on the island.


Pit Toilets: The pit toilets are just basic toilets on the island. They can be a little smelly, but they are kept extremely clean by the island staff. The best thing is that they are the most convenient toilets on the island, located throughout the island. Each toilet facility normally has a mirror, plus each one has a Purrell dispenser inside. They are normally along major roads or close to road intersections throughout the campground. Check map for locations.

Above: The pit toilets such as this one on Joes Head Road are very smelly due to the wind that sweeps over the head.


Shower Facilities:

·   Showers on an island, this must be paradise. One could call Hermit Island paradise. Otherwise, the showers here are just plain basic. Showers are located throughout the island, each one is located in a flush-toilet building. They luckily have hot water and are free to all guests, just avoid going during the before-dinner rush. Shower locations: 3 on Island Road and 1 on West Dune Way.

Above: The second/middle showerhouse along Island Road. These showers easily have the warmest water, even though this is the central main shower location for islanders.


Other Facilities:

The island also offers other amenities that are available to all guests. Here is a list of some other public amenities.

Water Spigots: Public drinking and washing water is pumped throughout the island. The water can be obtained at a number of spigots throughout camping areas along the streets. The water is free and available to all guests.

Recycling: Recycling cans for cans and bottles are next to trash. The cans are blue, while the trash is green. Please recycle.

Trash Receptacles: Trash cans are located across the island. They can be found next to bathrooms as well as at many major intersections. (Please put empty propane cans and
larger items next to trash cans, not in them.)

Pay Phones: Pay phones are located outside the Kelp Shed. These are the only phones available on the island, especially in case of an emergency.

Cabin Rentals: The island does have three cabins available for rent. One is located on West Dune Way (called the Sou’wester) and has great ocean views. One other is located on Island Road (called the cottage) and is the largest of the three with a well landscaped lawn. The final one is located off of Bayberry (called the cabin) and is a little smaller then the cottage, with nearby drinking water. For more details and how to book, call the island.

Above: One of the the three cottages (this one is marked on the map as the "cottage") that the island rents out if you are lucky to get them.