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Local Information

The area surrounding Hermit Island is full of activities to keep you busy during your time off of the island. The Phippsburg peninsula which the island is located off of is also full of quaint bed and breakfasts as well as purely Maine dining. The surrounding communities of Popham Beach, Small Point, and Sebasco also have plenty of great places to explore, while more touristy areas like Freeport and Bath are only a short drive away. For a typical one week stay on the island, one suggestion is to spend at least one day off island exploring the beaches, woods, and coastline that fill the peninsula.


Phippsburg: The community of Phippsburg is the closest community to Hermit Island. The town takes up the entire peninsula and includes the neighborhoods of Small Point (where Hermit Island is located), Popham Beach, and Sebasco. As for a shopping or downtown scene, there really is not much of one. Downtown consists of a general store, a public elementary school, a library, and town hall. There aren’t many other shops on the peninsula. Popham Beach is located in eastern Phippsburg and has a chapel, a general store, a few houses along the beach, a fort at the tip, and some great seafood restaurants. Small Point is the southern most tip and does not have much more than a few seafood restaurants, a few campgrounds, and some summer cottages. Sebasco is located in western Phippsburg and mainly consists of a few cottages and the Sebasco Harbor Resort, the biggest resort on the peninsula. Otherwise the center of the peninsula is where most of the year round residents live, as well as the few businesses Phippsburg has.

Bath: Bath is located at the entrance to the peninsula and is a town you will have to pass through on your way to the island. Most of the action happens here, including shopping, dining, and a few hotels. Front Street in downtown Bath is your main shopping destination, with a storefronts lining the sidewalks on both sides. The town also operates its own bus routes which shuttle visitors between the sights in town. Otherwise, Bath is a large shipping port for the coast of Maine, with many big barges coming in daily. Its pretty hard to miss the big cranes that shoot out from the side of the dockyard. Bath can be reached by taking route 1 from interstate 295 and is only a very short drive from Hermit Island.


Being in on the coast in Maine, Hermit Island is surrounded by plenty of amazing seafood destinations. Not only that, there is also many American, Italian, Mexican, and Chinese restaurants nearby as well. Here are some of the best (and closest) restaurants off-island.


Not only is this converted bed and breakfast one of the few hotels on the peninsula, the property also houses my favorite restaurant of all time in Phippsburg as well. With the great food and a water view to die for (well maybe not to die for), this popular local destination has attracted hearty Maine-iacs for generations. The restaurant is located at the eastern tip of Popham Beach, and is situated right on the beach with great views of Fort Popham. The food is great, with amazing prices and unparallel selection. It is soely seafood and American, with a laid back and casual atmosphere so don’t expect much. Dining is inside or out on the covered porch; there is a small bar inside as well.

The Lobster House:

As the name suggests, seafood is definitely the main attraction on the menu here. The Lobster House is the closest restaurant to Hermit Island, and is located waterfront overlooking Small Point Harbor. Dining is extremely casual so don’t expect anything fancy. The menu includes many various types of fresh seafood, as well as some American selections as well. Dining is available inside or outside on picnic tables. Prices are reasonable, but the food is definitely top notch. With great food and a great view, you can see why locals have been visiting this seafood hang out for generations.

The Pilot House:

Located only a few minutes away at the Sebasco Harbor Resort in the Sebasco section of town, this waterfront restaurant is one of the fanciest on the peninsula.