If adventure is on your mind, then the island has four amazing trails that are part of the extensive island trail system to hike on. They go through the forest and right beside the ocean. If our are not up for the trails or have a biker in your group, then the countless island roads make a great place to walk. Here are the trails.

Red: The red trail is easily the most walked and most scenic trail on the island. Do not let this fool you though, because there is never more than one person on the trail at any given time. The trail passes by many enchanted coves and over rocky bluffs as it winds its way along the western coast of the island with fantastic views of Casco Bay. Being on it gives you the sense of being in the middle of the deep Maine wilderness and not in a campground. Some of the sights the trail passes include the famous Worumbo, a large cove along the shore, as well as many smaller coves and Spring Beach. The trail starts at the main trail starting point on Cross Island across from site 7 (see map) and heads all the way down to Sailboat Beach, combining with the blue trail shortly through the trip. Please note that when hiking, a map is suggested, and also be sure to watch trail markers carefully to stay on the trail.

Blue: The blue trail is a long, wooded trail that runs close to the western shore of the island, with partial views of Casco Bay along the trail. Traveling through birch groves as well as dense forest along the top of a ridge, the trail is peaceful altogether. The blue trail is also very popular for wildlife watching, as many different mammal and bird species reside in the forest. The trail starts at the main trail starting point (see map) and heads all the way down to Sailboat Beach, combing with the red trail shortly through the trip and passing through Spring Beach as well. Bug spray is helpful while hiking.

Orange: The orange trail is the most wooded of the four trails, making it a great place for wildlife watching for birds and deer. The trail winds its way through the deep island forest. The trail itself can be accessed from Sailboat Beach where the trail ends, the main trail starting point (see map), or the many white trails which cross over the trail at various points. Be sure to bring a map and bug spray while hiking.

White: The white trail is actually a system of three trails that all start out on Island Road and run down to the blue/red trail, crossing the Orange trail as well. The trail is mostly wooded but ends with fantastic views of the ocean. Please be sure to bring a map and bug spray before attempting to hike the white trail, and also be sure to watch trail markers carefully. For the easiest beach access to Spring Beach, take the second (middle) white trail directly to the beach. Please note that there is no beach parking available at the trailhead. Limited white trail parking is available at the first (right) white trailhead.

Please Note: Bikes are not allowed on the hiking trails.