Hermit Island is a great place for fishing lovers. Since, the island is surrounded by ocean, it is pretty self explanatory. The island has a full marina that allows guests to rent out the boats needed for fishing. All you need is the bait and the fishing rods. Once out on the ocean, you can begin fishing for Flounder, Mackerel, or Bass. Go out even further and you can fish for Cod and Giant Blue Fin Tuna. If you do not have a boat or do not want to rent one, the island does a fishing trip on its Yankee every Tuesday and Thurdsday in the summer (poles and bait provided). If the trip is not a success then there is plenty of fresh fish on sale at the island’s store.


Rowboats: $10 for half day or $15 for an all day rental

Canoes: $15 for half day rental or $25 for an all day rental

Oars and life jackets are provided with a $10 deposit.

Note: Canoes and rowboats are rented at the Kelp Shed.

Yankee Fishing Trip:

Tuesday and Thursday, 8 a.m. to noon

Adults $35, Children/Viewer $18

Note: Fishing bait and poles are provided on the trip.

More Information:

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