Hermit Island boasts some of the best boating options for any campground of it’s kind. The island has a full marina, which is located on Island Road. The marina rents out canoes and rowboats (kayaks are rented by Seapspray Kayaks on Sand Dune Beach). For rental boats, see the rates below. These can be taken out into Small Point Harbor where the water is calm, or into Casco Bay where the water is much rougher. Both areas are great for fishing. If you want, you can bring your own boat, or drive it in to the campground. The island rents out moorings at the marina for docking boats, and there is a boat ramp on Harbor Grove. If you can’t canoe, kayak, or sail, then the island does harbor cruises and sunset cruises on its Yankee. These go out on certain weekdays from the dock on Harbor Grove (more information at the Kelp Shed). Even so, Hermit Island is any boater’s paradise.


Harbor Grove Marina: Sometimes called the "campers wharf" or the "yardarm", this marina is in the heart of the campground and right in the middle of Small Point Harbor. The dock is always above water, and houses various boats for the owners of the island. The island also rents rowboats and canoes to campers, and this is where they are housed and are taken out from. Facilities at this marina include a free boat ramp for campers, moorings which are available for rent, free ample parking, and nearby water and restroom facilities. Yankee tours also leave from here. Please note that boat rentals, mooring rentals, and Yankee trips can be signed up and paid for at the Kelp Shed. Located on Harbor Grove, follow signs from Island Road to dock. (picture above left)

Island Road Marina: The second marina on the island is located near the northern tip on Island Road. This is more of a commercial marina, where the fisherman along the point park their boats. The marina does have dock space, but no public boat ramp, and public moorings are not available. The marina has a gas station, which is not owned by the island, but makes for an easy place to fill up your boat. There is also a lobster pound next to the marina as well as a poundkeepers house. The marina has plenty of free parking, and there is a boat trailer lot for trailer storage just up the road. Parking is available on the island side of the southernmost bridge. Please note that the road leading to the private boat ramp and gas station is off limits to campers, and a majority of the dock space is privately owned and not available to campers.

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Sand Dune Beach
Single Kayak:$15 an hour or $45 for an all day rental

Tandem Kayak:$20 an hour or $50 for an all day rental

Harbor Grove Marina

Rowboats: $10 for half day or $15 for an all day rental

Canoes: $15 for half day rental or $25 for an all day rental

Oars and life jackets are provided with a $10 deposit.

Note: Canoes and rowboats are rented at the Kelp Shed.

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Yankee Reservations

Sign Up at Kelp Shed
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           Left: Parking area at Harbor Grove Marina          Right: Boat ramp at Harbor Grove Marina

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